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Derik Rich

A place to find yourselfDerik Rich


Derik Rich came to Tompkins Cortland Community College to play baseball and study photography. But, as Derik learned, sometimes the most valuable thing you can learn in college is what you don't want to do. "I still love photography, it's still something I want to do and will continue to do. But I had to really delve into to it to find out it wasn't for me. Now I know where my passion really is." Even if photography is relegated to a hobby for Derik, he's using it to document his passion for all things outdoors. Even with the change in course, he graduated from Tompkins Cortland and is off to pursue a career outdoors.

"Meg (a counselor at the College) is one of the main reasons I'm able to graduate. She helped me in everything I went through – the entire experience of finding myself, finding my niche."

This spring will find Derik in Montana and Wyoming, acting as a guide for various outdoors trips. He already attended guide school last summer, having driven himself West and back home in time for the semester start.

And now he plans a return.