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Marc Harrison

Inspiration at any ageMarc Harrison

If Marc Harrison needed any more inspiration to pursue his academic goals at the age of 33, he found it in the person of the neurobiology department chair who took his first class at the tender age of 32.

"That shattered a lot of preconceptions I had," says Harrison, a Tompkins Cortland student who was recently selected for the prestigious SUNY Chancellor's Education Pipeline Biomedical Research Award Program, in which he will work full-time this summer in the laboratory of Dr. Mary Kritzer in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Stony Brook University. Kritzer received her Ph.D. from Yale University and was a postdoctorate fellow at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Marc, whose academic roots at Tompkins Cortland are in sociology and psychology, developed an interest in the intersection of those two fields and was encouraged by professors here to apply for the Pipeline program. His acceptance should serve as the ideal transition for the next step: a bachelor's and eventual advanced degree work in neurobiology and related social sciences.

"The field needs researchers who can also act as interpreters for the general public," he says. "And I've been able to sharpen my communication skills at Tompkins Cortland (along with expanding math skills for the science work)."