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Students Present at Statewide Research Conference

April 7, 2015

Four Tompkins Cortland Community College students have been selected to present their research at the inaugural SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference. Richard Hilliard, Vlad Leshkevicheach, Chelsea Maceda, and Tracy Scott will be presenting their research as part of three different poster presentations at the conference April 10 in Brockport.

The conference was designed to bring together undergraduate researchers, visual and performing artists, and their faculty mentors. Each SUNY school was invited to participate, as were the members of the City University of New York (CUNY) system. Tompkins Cortland is one of just 12 of the 37 community colleges in New York State to have student researchers accepted to present at the conference. Only two other community colleges have more students presenting than Tompkins Cortland’s four. James Jacob, Ph.D., the chair of the biotechnology degree program and a professor of biology at the College, is the faculty mentor for all four.

All of the Tompkins Cortland students are presenting in the field of biological sciences. Full abstracts of each poster are available below.

Richard Hilliard:  The Effect of Limonene on the Biodegradation of Phenanthrene and Polystyrene by Pseudomonas putida and aeruginosa

Chelsea Maceda and Vladimir Leshkevich: Expression of WHAsi from the Non-coding Strand of the Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus

Tracy Scott: The Effect of Vitamin k2 on ATP Production in CHO Cells Transfected with siRNA for UBiAD1