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Tompkins Cortland and SUNY Cortland Sign Study Abroad Agreement

November 11, 2015

Tompkins Cortland Community College and SUNY Cortland students now have new options when it comes to where they want to study. The two institutions have signed an agreement to allow their students to participate in the other’s study abroad program. For students at Tompkins Cortland, that means access to SUNY Cortland’s more than 30 study abroad programs on six continents. Likewise, SUNY Cortland students will be able to experience the unique offerings from Tompkins Cortland’s study abroad programs in six different countries.

The agreement was signed by top officials from both colleges, including Tompkins Cortland President Carl Haynes and SUNY Cortland Eric Bitterbaum.

Tompkins Cortland President Carl Haynes and SUNY Cortland President Eric Bitterbaum

For more information on the program at Tompkins Cortland, visit the College's study abroad website.

For more information on the new opportunities, visit the SUNY Cortland study abroad website.