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Amy Trueman Named Dean of Student Life

September 22, 2011

Amy Trueman has been named the Dean of Student Life at Tompkins Cortland Community College. She replaces Jim Hull, who retired over the summer after 36 years at the College, the last three as Dean of Student Life. Trueman officially took over September 1.

Like her predecessor, Trueman brings to the post substantial experience and knowledge of the College. She has worked at the College for 30 years, most recently having the title of Professor and Director of Counseling, Career, and Transfer Services. Over the years she has served in a variety of roles including Counselor, Assistant to the President for Affirmative Action, and President of the Faculty Association. Her understanding of the College even extends to the classroom, having taught a class each semester for two decades.

This knowledge allows Trueman to fully appreciate the area she now oversees. "My prime focus as dean is to keep the strong coordination we enjoy among student life areas," said Trueman. "We're developing some amazing, broad-based programs. All the pieces of student life - residence life, athletics, activities - everything is contributing to the notion of developing a student. Our goal of student success is happening, and it's not all happening in the classroom. We are developing well-rounded college students."

Much like Trueman's own career at the College, the Student Life program has been growing for decades. During her time at the College she has witnessed many significant changes, including the addition of a residence life program, the expansion of intercollegiate athletics, and the construction of a new student center. Over the past few years, major effort has been put into improved communication with students, particularly on rights and responsibilities. Trueman wants to continue that progress. "It's important that there are clear expectations on protocols. Our staff knows how we support students, and students need to know the expectations," she said. She likened the work to developing a path for each student and being sure the student can follow their path. "Each path is different, but it should be clear for each student."

As Dean of Student Life, Trueman oversees several departments: athletics and recreation, campus activities, the child care center, counseling, career, and transfer services, health services, multicultural services, and residence life. She sees herself as a voice for all the students those departments serve. "I want to be the ultimate person for students to come to when they are struggling. I want to have direct connections with students," she said. "At the same time, I plan to be a strong advocate and supporter of the directors in the student life area. It's my responsibility to help those departments to continue to do those jobs as well as they do."

Trueman, who graduated from Nassau Community College before getting her B.S. at Cornell University and her M.Ed. at St. Lawrence University, has very clear priorities for her new role. "I feel it's my responsibility to make sure whenever college-wide decisions are made, we are aware of and driven by our student focus."