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Tompkins Cortland Moves to New Cortland Extension Center

July 11, 2011

Tompkins Cortland Community College's Cortland Extension Center is moving. The current center at 22 West Court Street will close for good at the end of the day on Wednesday, July 6. After moving on Thursday and Friday, the new center at 157 Main Street will open on Monday, July 18. A formal grand opening celebration and open house are planned for September.

The new Cortland Extension Center greatly expands the College's ability to serve the community, providing a convenient, centralized space for college credit courses, customized professional training, and business use. "The new extension center allows us to be more responsive to the community's needs," said Martha Hubbard, director of Biz. "Our students will now be able to engage in learning in 'smart classrooms' up-to-date with the latest academic technology, and our business partners will not only have a new, expanded space for on-site customized training, but the center also features a professional board room available for reservation, excellent parking, all in a centralized location."

The new extension center features six new classrooms, two of which are computer labs. The classrooms are "smart" classrooms, each equipped with a computer and audio/visual hookup to a pull-down screen, as well as a document camera and DVD console. "The smart classrooms really bring the full Tompkins Cortland college classroom experience into Cortland," said Hubbard. "Not only does this allow us to expand our schedule in terms of offerings, but we can also expand the diversity of offerings at the new extension center."

On the business side, the new extension center serves as a potential hub for Cortland-area businesses looking for professional meeting spaces and the customized training that is a specialty of Biz. A new boardroom is available in the center, as well as a large training room. "Customized training, targeted to the specific needs of our local business partners, is really the core of the Biz partnership with Cortland. With new space, we're able to offer an opportunity to Cortland-area employers who don't have adequate training space available, or who seek that 'out-of-the-office' opportunity for training."