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Board of Trustees Sets Slate of Officers

July 17, 2014

There will be no change to the leadership of the Tompkins Cortland Community College Board of Trustees this year. At its annual meeting, Elizabeth Burns was re-elected chair of the board for her fourth one-year term. Burns has been a member of the board since 2008 and has served as the chair since 2011. She represents Cortland County.

Raymond Schlather was re-elected the vice chair. He also joined the Board in 2008, but representing Tompkins County. This is his fourth year as vice chair.

Judy Davison was re-elected treasurer for the fourth year. Davison has been a trustee since 2007, representing Cortland County.

Roxann Buck, remains on the board's executive committee. She was originally appointed a trustee by the Tompkins County Board of Representatives in 1990. She served as chair from 2003 to 2011 and has continued on the executive committee the last three years.

Two Tompkins Cortland staff members also were appointed to positions with Board.

Cathy Northrop was re-appointed clerk of the board. Northrop, assistant to the president, has been clerk since 1996.

Lisa Doran was re-appointed deputy clerk of the board. Doran, assistant to the dean of operations and enrollment management, has been deputy clerk since 1991.