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Student Clubs

Why should you be involved in a campus club?


Research shows that involvement in co-curricular activities is a
key component to a student’s success.

Participation in clubs offers opportunities to learn more about the campus, fosters connections to faculty and staff members, and builds loyalty to the campus.

It also assists with meeting new friends and interacting with others, provides constructive co-curricular, social, and recreational opportunities, as well as complimenting the classroom by allowing practical application of classroom concepts, theories, and principles.

Leadership skills

Participating in clubs helps you develop skills employers are seeking.

It enhances self-initiative, independence, responsibility, and time-management, promotes the development of leadership skills, confidence in social skills, and provides practical experience in collaboration, teamwork, and being an effective group member.

View the list of clubs below or visit the club handbook and forms page to get more information or to access the forms needed to operate your club.


Accounting and Business Association

Advisor: TBA
This club creates opportunities to experience and participate in functions and activities that will prove beneficial to the development of each member’s professional goals. The club provides an opportunity to broaden and expand the knowledge, skills, and awareness of its members, as well as provide an opportunity to become part of a group. 

Active Minds

Advisor: Joe Smith
Active Minds works to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses. They provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness, encourage students to seek help as soon as it is needed, and serves as liaison between students and the mental health community.

African-Latino Society (ALS)

Advisor: Seth Thompson
The mission of the African-Latino Society/La Sociedad Africana-Latina is to promote the political, social, economic, and cultural interests of ALANA students in the TC3 College community. ALS will foster a collaborative dialogue and relationship with the administration of TC3, as well as with student organizations at SUNY Cortland and other regional colleges.

Alpha Omega Christian Fellowship

Advisor: Brenda Sweeny and Israel Cosgrove
Non-denominational Christian club that seeks to encourage TC3 students in their walk with Christ. Enjoy time in the word, hang out in a comfortable atmosphere, and focus on important biblical topics that relate to us as young adults.

Art Club

Advisor: Harry Littell and Keith Millman
The art club has a goal of exploring art in real life. Art is expressing your creativity in ways you couldn’t before. We encourage all students who want to explore their artistic side to join and experience different forms of art.

Artistic Expression/Poetry Club

Advisor: TBA

Cinema Club

Advisor: TBA
The Cinema Club explores educational opportunities in the film industry and provides members with hands-on activities related to film making.

Dance Club

Advisor: Anna Regula
The dance club creates routines in different dance styles, and it is all shown off at their showcase! The dance club has hosted a late night dance event and a flash mob in the cafeteria!

Debate Club

Advisor: Pat Sewell
The debate club allows students with an interest in debate to practice learn and expand new skills. The club hosts debate events, for example their debate with the Toastmasters International club with a topic of the NSA.

Educational Services Club

Advisor: Carol Sammis
The Educational Services Club allows students that have an interest in working with kids to get in touch with their inner child.

Game Design Club

Advisor: Keith Millman and Mark Grimm
The Game Design club would like to develop games for multiple systems. Especially for Apple iOS, Android, PC and Mac. The club brings together people with similar interests related to technology.


Advisor: Ali Beach and Janita Maricette
It is the mission of the TC3 Gay-Straight Alliance to foster an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and respect at TC3 and in the community at large. Also, the GSA aims to educate about safe sex practices, dispel myths about LGBTQ peoples, and provide unparalleled support to their membership.

Hospitality and Restaurant Association

Advisor: TBA
The mission of the Hotel and Restaurant Association is to provide its members with educational and social activities, professional development opportunities in a friendly, hospitable environment. Each semester the HRA plans several different events from cooking classes to overnight trips, guest speakers and participating in school events. It is the HRA’s goal to explore as many different aspects of the hospitality industry as possible.

Intercultural Club

Advisor: Christine Iacobucci
The goal of the Intercultural club is to create awareness and sensitivity towards all ethnic and cultural groups on campus and in the community. The club has hosted a fashion show and a movie night.

Music Club

Advisor: Javied Townsend
Come to Music Club and show off your skills with an instrument, singing, or making beats. Everyone is welcome, no matter your skill level. Meet other musicians and attend live concerts.

Nursing Club

Advisor: TBA
The Nursing Club promotes leadership and professionalism in nursing by exploring issues related to nursing, health care, and nursing education. The club supports the personal development of its members and creates networking opportunities.

Otaku Café

Advisor: Ken Whitener
This club explores the culture and traditions of Japan with special interest in fashion and anime. The club has hosted a “Magic” tournament and attended Anime conventions.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Advisor: Pat Mercer
This club provides its members with an opportunity to enrich their lives through outdoor activities. Not only do members create good memories and friendships; ideals such as an appreciation for the environment, leadership, trust, and fair play are either learned or enhanced.

Residents Hall Association

Advisor: Stacy Cowart
RHA shall develop, promote and present social, academic, diversity, and wellness programs for all students living in the residence halls. RHA is open to all students, residents and commuters.

Sport Management Club

Advisor: Larry Chase
The Sport Management Club creates an experiential learning opportunity for students interested in the sports industry. They promote interest and broaden awareness, and provide a forum for discussion of topics related to sport management.

Student Government Association

Advisor: Deb Mohlenhoff
The SGA serves as the voice of the student body to create a better campus community for the students by the students. SGA branches out to professional opportunities and is the perfect resume builder for a college student.

Theatre Society

Advisor: Jody Feavearyear
This club promotes theater, examines different types of performance, and educates others about drama and theater.

Thirst Project

Advisor: Patrick Sewell
Almost one billion people in the world don’t have access to safe drinking water. Take part by joining the TC3 chapter to help stop this worldwide problem.

Toast Masters International

Advisor: Elizabeth Caughey
Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Assists with public speaking and being dynamic in social situations.

Writer's Guild

Advisor: Ron Starmer
Writer’s Guild improves, enriches, and inspires members' writing, while striving to increase community awareness of writing skills. The club meets Fridays at noon in room 280E.

Young Americans for Liberty

Advisor: Robert Chapman
Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the largest, most active, and fastest-growing proliberty organization on America's college campuses.


MeetUps are simply opportunities for students, faculty, and staff who share a common interest to get together on a regular basis. They don’t program, travel, or fundraise – but MeetUp groups do enjoy gathering over a shared passion.

If you’re interested in hosting a meetup – fill out the MeetUp form and turn it in to the Student Activities Office in the TC3 Student Center.