Tompkins Cortland Community College

Student Life

Panther Passport

Be a Tourist on Your Own Campus

Panther Passport Themes

  • How to be a Student: RED
  • Learn better study habits, manage your time, cultivate life skills, balance your checkbook, cook nutritious meals ... be a better student!
  • How to be a Leader: GREEN
  • Build a team, run a club, manage a project, plan a program, solve problems, make ethical decisions, resolve conflict ... learn to lead!
  • How to Get Connected: ORANGE
    Meet new people, see great programs, learn about TC3 resources, network with alumni ... get connected to TC3!
  • How to Change the World: BLUE
  • Volunteer in the community, learn about cultures, educate yourself about social issues, appreciate differences ... change the world!
  • How to Take the Next Step: PURPLE
  • Write a resume, sell your skills, learn to network, transfer to your top school, present yourself as a professional ... be prepared to take the next step!

Not Sure You Have Time

We thought you'd say that. Passport workshops include:


Five (5) minute workshops. It's amazing how much you can learn in five minutes.


Eighteen (18) minute workshops. The average length of a taxi trip is 18 minutes. So are the TAXICABS format workshops.