Tompkins Cortland Community College

Student Life

Types of accounts

Panther Dollars

Money put on your card in Panther Dollars are used to supplement the Dining Dollars Account and the Print/Copy account.

Uses for Panther Dollars

  • Bookstore
  • Vending machines
  • Many other on campus purchases

Note: Deposits made in the Panther Dollars Account carry over each semester.

After 120 days of inactivity, unused funds will be removed from your account. Deposits are refundable, upon WRITTEN request, less a $25 processing fee. You are encouraged to use all monies deposited before you graduate.

Dining Dollars (students only)

Ideal for non-residential students not on a meal plan. This is a declining balance and sales-tax exempt account.

Uses for Dining Dollars

  • TC3 Eatery
  • Fireside Café

You can deposit money to the Dining Dollars at the Automated Deposit Machine (accepts cash only), online, or through the TC3 Card office.

Money placed into this account is NON-REFUNDABLE and EXPIRES at the end of the spring semester. You are encouraged to use all money deposited before the end of spring semester.

Meal Plans

Use your TC3 Card to access your meal plan. But, you must sign up for meal plans at the Enrollment Services Center in room 101. The meal plan consists of two parts: a weekly meal allowance to be used in the TC3 Eatery only and "flex" dollars that can supplement the meal allowance in both the TC3 Eatery or the Fireside Café.

Note: Flexible dollars can ONLY be used in the TC3 Eatery or the Fireside Café.

Employee Dining Account (staff/faculty only)

This is a declining balance account. Money placed in this account is taxable. This account is only to be used in the TC3 Eatery or Fireside Café.

Discount Bus Passes

TC3 Card bus pass options


The TCAT bus schedule has service for Tompkins Cortland students until late evening weeknights, and service directly to the residence halls on the weekends. A partnership between the College and TCAT also means you can use your TC3 Card with TCAT and receive discounted bus passes.

Passes are semester long and for students only. The semester passes run from the Monday before classes start through the Monday after finals week.

The Tompkins Cortland-TCAT Unlimited Pass for all bus routes: Fall/Spring, $170; Summer, $85

The Tompkins Cortland-TCAT Basic Pass for routes 43 only: Fall/Spring, $110; Summer, $55

Note: plan ahead. It can take up to three business days for your card to activate.

The traditional TCAT monthly passes are also available through the TC3 Card office for $60 per month for students, faculty, staff, and community members. Please note this pass is not activated through your TC3 Card and is a separate TCard for use on the busses, and is not part of the subsidized pass program.

To purchase a pass

Bus passes are sold in the TC3 Card office and online. You can pay with Panther Dollars, cash, check or use financial aid. Students must pay in advance and there are no refunds.

Financial aid may be used to purchase a bus pass. This is possible with a completed financial aid application and a credit balance on the account. Visit either the Card Office in Room 116A or the Financial Aid Office in Room 101 to complete a short bus pass application.  Students may receive the bus pass the same day.

For online purchase of the TCAT semester pass go to the TC3 Card main page and select "Access your account" (or from myTC3 select TC3 Card) and follow the login process. Deposit the money to your Panther Dollars account and then click on purchase service to buy a pass.

It can take up to three days for the pass to activate, so students will have to pay regular fare to board the bus until the card is active.

Bus schedules

The Tompkins Cortland-TCAT schedule (routes 43 and 75) can be found online.

Print/Copy Account

The appropriate cash value will be placed on this account at the beginning of each semester. The cash value is based on the credits being taken during the semester. The minimum value is $1.20 (1 credit hour) and the maximum value is $14.40 (12 credit hours). The cash value is not refundable or transferrable and expires at the end of each semester.